After 60 years, whether she will get old age pension from municipal corporation or she will start get pension from atal pension yojana?? I submitted request letter to bank regarding closing of my bank account. i have enrolled in APY THROUGH SBI. If you are saying for tds deduction they are giving you interest @ 8.5% and in APY person is getting 8 % so this means this is already tds deducted amount. ?pls rply. you can talk to customer care of axis bank and get more clarification on this. whether it will be sent to my address or to collect from respective Bank. Even I was the first one, two months before who was asking them for this scheme. Please give a link to download closing application for the atal pension yojana. How many days it will take to get PRAN card. National Insurance Scheme. But this will not impact the money received previous year. I only continue with it if there is a provision of nominee 8.5lakh amount after or before death of parents. Did you get any clarification, whether we can enroll for both NPS and APY and if yes, then how? Please help…….is this possible? A M I T à Netanya Docteur Isabelle ATTAL... MINISTERE DE L'INTERIEUR ARTICLE LIEN à SUR Là... CA PHE HANOI -Tel-Aviv ; Annuaire > ISRAEL > HAIFA > Médical à Haïfa > Médecin Généraliste à Haïfa > Docteur FRIEDBERG Dalia à HAIFA. SIR, I have received NPS no. My d.o.b is 29.06.1984 but wrongly in voter card it is xx.xx.1989 .it is correct in pan card 29.06.1984, premium is deducted 409.00 as per voter card age. please give advice in deep for that. 2) Yes you and your husband can both apply Also please let me know if there is any way to withdraw this scheme. And if I am eligible, If I have to get 5000 pm pension what is the monthly amount I have to pay and till how many years? My wife Aparajita Ghosh has submitted the filled -up APY form to state bank of India, Station Road Branch, Jamshedpur and accepted about one month back. Gastroenterol Clin Biol 2004;28:1031-8. you should get a PRAN card against your APY account. SELAS DR Attal-Silber (75005) Monsieur Eduard Weingart Aurel (38160) Monsieur Achraf Chamli (94000) Monsieur Julien Ventura (94320) Madame Ines Barkatou (33000) Madame Cecilia Lai (75006) SELARL De Chirurgiens-Dentistes Bellident (26760) SELARL Du DR Trocellier (91620) SELARL CDVH (69400) SELARL Du Docteur Laurent Cretal (62410) After both are dead nominee will get the corpus amount. If subscriber some reason he not pay continually but he was paid from 30th age to 45th age. Government Contribution in Atal Pension Yojana. 1) Yes Income tax payers are eligible for this scheme but wont get governments contribution I have a Atal Pension Yojana account and my monthly premium has been deposited through SBI from July 2015. I have IT file which is not taxable, So am I eligible to get government co-contribution?. Is these possible to change payment method. You can call the customer care of the bank to get yourself enrolled. 3. i have started investment in APY account since july’15 and all the installments are getting deducted form my account monthly basis, with out any delay, But I have not yet received my PRAN Kit, When I visited bank, they tell me, I will get that on my adress, but it’s been so long now. Thanks. Will the pran nos will be different or one pran no will work for both There will be a small penalty, Hi, opted APY , premium also getting debited but have not received any certificate, pls suggest. According to me just write a note in the application form that you already have NPS account and get a copy of that with you. ), Le Kremlin-Bicêtre F-94275, France. I have enrolled for Atal Pension Yojana as well as Accident Insurance Scheme. Also, there is no such policy documents received. how to get PRAN card and kit for the same. Started Apy from Indian bank, but decided to cancel, as it did not suit my needs, the same day.first instalment was already deducted. Sir i already taken a plan APY but which website my all information because no any single document to give me APY scheme. 8.5 % add by company for epf and 3.50% appx. I went to HDFC Bank last month June 2015 and have enrolled the Pension yojana, however since then money did not debit from my account. Can I change account number once given under the plan ?what is the process?? I enrolled in APY last month in SBI and i got my PRAN number. Sir, Hi Sir, I Joined APY last year. V , LAST MONTH I JOINED APY in Canara Bank, JUNE 1 AMOUNT WAS DEDUCTED BUT THIS MONTH STILL NOW AMOUNT IS NOT DEDUCTED Y. you will have to contact Canara bank for the same. sir i wants asked you that if i am join this scheme and , i pay premium continue 10 years .when after i die .will my wife pay premium yes / no .if no then my wife get how many amount .my age 29 and premium amount 529 per month. Please tell me how I can I show him ? National Insurance Scheme. yes pension amount is taxable if your total salary comes under taxable range. Prenez RDV en ligne avec Dr Stéphane Attal: Ophtalmologue. You can log in or to check the SBI ATAl pension Yojana Status. the process is still not clear for the same. In APY Scheme, DOB was wrongly feeded by Allahabad Bank and my contribution became wrong.I asked them to make it correct but they told me that they hi I am Bidisha recently I started APY,continue 4 th month running,but recently I face huge financial problem,so I stop this plan .how can stop this PRAN and return my amount.plz help…………….. yes you can close this account and your money would be refunded. I need that to show proof for income tax dept to get 80c exemption. i have a saving account in SBI with internet banking. it is a government sponsored scheme they cannot change the rule by an inch. Employ and already have a pran account. I have an IDBI account in APY skim, how can I change the bank in APY skim? Is it possible to add or change the nominee after 1 year of joining or in the middle in this pension scheme? in this case all your amount with interest would be given to your wife if alive else your nominee. Most of the private banks are discouraging this scheme and its better to go for a nationalised scheme. 4) read article but do you any other pension scheme which is not taxable. I went to bank but they told me there no closure form of this scheme. 2) if yes, whether my wife can be the gurdian of my nominee as my wife is the default nominee and the nominee will get corpus amount after the death of my wife. Please Sujest. But my wife is not working. only bank can give you a proper explanation about this issue. 1) Yes you can have 2 different pension funds from government example NPS and APY Prenez RDV en ligne avec Centre de santé Vision Claire: Centre de santé, Etablissement conventionné. 2. Now, can i stop the payment from my Corporation Bank and start making the monthly payments from my SBI savings account ? Nominee gets the corpus amount after both subscriber and his/her spouse are dead. i have one Doubt about ‘ i stop the payment after 2 years if any amount return give or not give???? You can check your acct statements online in this site– Because right now there are so many doubt reagrding scheme in mind. Prix, avis, accès. Also I have not received any documents regarding this. Is it? 1)any indian citizen can open an APY account, but age should be less than 40 yrs and he/she must hold a bank account. (If possible). Here withdrawal cannot be made before maturity, unless there is a special case. 1) is she eligible for APY? I think there should be a proper training for Bank employees interacting with us. (E.g.) employ. Conventionné Secteur 1. till now nothing i got for my authentication. Thx then this policy has dual benefits , one is it would be providing pension to me and my wife and later support my kids with financial support for carrying out our last rites. Fermé maintenant. I am recently join in APY scheme. Subscriber and his/her spouse will get the pension and their nominee will get the accumulated corpus amount. If i will not continue my contribution after 1 or 2 year , can i get my deposited money If yes how with interest or only deposited amount? it is my hard earned money and I am not getting correct picture from Bank, Can we changed the nominee Name, I have given my spouse as nominee, i want to change it. Awaiting your revert. I want to know that HOW CAN I KNOW MY BALANCE & FROM I CAN GET THE DEPOSIT STATEMENT of Atal Pension Yogna . WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW TO CLOSE THE APY ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY? Kya plan ko basal sakte hair from 1000 Rs to 2000 or 3000 Rs……, 1.PSU employees eligible for this scheme I have the reference number from SBI. my bank has TO TRANSFER/ATAL PENSION YOJNA PRAN-XXXX whats does this mean…….is this no my pran no….. when i will get the receipts and documents for my contribution. 3) Pension will be given to spouce right after the death of the husband ?? than if i join APY, will i get all the benefits of these 3? Sir now iam a student in future i will get a job in govt or private then this yojana is elgible to me or not. As I work for a Ltd. Company I have an EPF account. How can I get Income tax deceleration certificate for 80CCD? Agar premium milega to kab tak milega? Government employee can also avail APY benefits. Our Accreditations . The Bank is unable to say anything since they only know to enter the data in the APY module and know nothing beyond that. I left column blank for the question whether you are enrolled in any social security schemes in the application form After 60 yrs if I die, since I am single, can my parent or sibling be eligible for pension. She has valid PAN and bank account but she is not working/earning. Ophtalmologiste à 0.75 km. 80C or 80CCC for this pension sheme. but bank denies to close the APY scheme saying no option is available in their software. i also here that the money which i deposit the same amount of money is deposited by government,it means Rs 577 + 577= 1154 per month for me .then can i get Rs 10000/month of pension,, Also what it means that please suggest how to close my APY immediately. Please follow this link to own your house in PM Awas Yojana. Whether it’s correct? mera age 30 runing hai, pension k liye me jo premium jama karunga, 5000 pension ko chhod k jama kiya hua paisa hume kab milega tell me please. give me some website i search my a/c no. Acct is at Bhuneshwar and AYP started from June-15 at Bhopal HDFC branch. Please let me know. Am I missing something. 2) yes you can change nominee in future. I also didn’t get the investment statement which was mentioned on circular that at the end of March, investment statement will be released. Kindly tell me the best option so that my mother will be live life independently. 1. Who would issue the PRAN Card – Bank? sir Annual amount we are paying in Atal pension yojna it is incom tax free or not. SBI returned my application that I was not eligible. i joined APY from last week,through Bank of Baroda auto debit fecility.and also got PRAN A/c num.but my query is how can i know my balance in APY scheme? Kindly share the procedure. And i m a student and i have my pan card so shall i joint my account with apy, tax payers can join atal pension yojana. sir i am not clear about that apy subscriber also avail benefits of social pension given by state govt of haryana. Ophtalmologiste à 0.86 km. 3) If I am paying premium monthly as for pension of 5000Rs. 3) After your death your spouse if alive will get your share of pension after both of you die then your nominee will get rs 8.5 laks for rs 500 atal pension plan. Baudu Pierre Médecins, ophtalmologie 9 boulevard de Verdun, 97420 LE PORT. I opted for the APY on July 2015, since then not even a single installment had been deducted or any information received ever. PFRDA have notified that APY is doing pretty well and fund managers have generated above 13% returns on this investment. the premium mentioned in the chart are monthly, Sir plz tel I m income tax payer..I HV continued mi atal pension also….nw I wants to invest in ppf ..can I …wud it affect mi pension…Nd I HV opted yojna for 5000…. Ophtalmologiste à 0.79 km. In January 2016,monthly contribution amount 902/ Rs debited two times for January month on 14/1/2016 and 21/1/2016. 902] will be same for the persons with age 35 Years 1 month and 35 years 11 months. Also, in event of death before 60 yrs what amount my relatives/spouse will be getting. yes you can join APY if you fall in the age range criteria, My Name is Om Prakash age 35 . Médecins à Sainte Clotilde (974) : Trouvez tous les médecins proches de chez vous et prenez RDV pour une consultation. if i am not in condition to pay amount then what should i do ? Dear sir Please kindly reply will be useful to others also. Hi, I have applied for Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana Now I am 40 years and 1 months old. after that every moth I got msg of credit to PRAN Account.

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