The combination of great balance from the chassis and remarkable power made for a car that was to dominate motorsport for years to (...), Inside, the R8 Gordini had a businesslike dash with twin speedo and tacho clocks, as well as a temperature gauge and brake fluid gauge – also innovative for its time. Botswana Performance with the racing experience of Vuković Motorsport and its WTCR Méganes. Trophy-R showed Renault Sport’s engineers hadn’t rested on their laurels after breaking records in 2008 and 2011 with earlier incarnations of the Mégane. alpine. The 40CV was a flagship for Renault for more than 15 years, from the original CG to the NM Type, before being retired in 1928 and replaced by executive models such as the Vivastella and Reinastella. Calendar Most notably, shorter springs and twin shocks at the rear dramatically improved handling. It was a vehicle for anyone to drive to the track, in the same way Renault 8 Gordini drivers had competed in the Gordini Cup, many cutting their teeth for later racing fame. Tous les résultats de la saison 2020 de Formule 1, classements, statistiques The car was launched in October 1987, claiming its first podium finish in March 1988, just over five months later. Bahamas The Renault Laguna promised more success and the pair switched to a new car developed by the Renault Sport rally department in 1994. TECHNICAL REGULATION Individual driver statistics for the 1976 Challenge de Formule Renault Europe Are you looking to drive on a famous track with other R.S. Formula 1 on Sky Sports - get the latest F1 news, results, standings, videos and photos, plus watch live races in HD and read about top drivers. Renault prévoit de supprimer la Formule Renault Eurocup pour créer un nouveau championnat de F3 régionale en 2019. The new car needed a new driver and the main man for the job was none other than Jean Ragnotti, one of France’s favourite racing drivers. event. Niger Les jeunes prodiges du sport automobile peuvent rejoindre le championnat dès leurs 16 ans pour poursuivre leur formation après le karting. Later models gained a sequential gearbox for even better performance. But, despite this, the new Renault struggled to equal the fame of the nimble A110. His work on the Renault 8 transformed a dependable street car into an outstanding competitive race car that was soon nicknamed “La (...), In September 1964, the first R8 Gordini went on show at the Salon de l’Auto in Paris. valeur Rally Castelo Branco (Portugal) (23-24 April) Designed by Renault Sport in collaboration with Sao Paolo designers and Renault engineers in Latin America, the new Renault Sandero R.S. Grenada The Mégane R.S. Un classement annexe, réservé aux pilotes français, pour les courses disputées en France, désigne cependant toujours un champion de France. Designed as a “mini touring car” based on the Renault Sport CLIO 2.0 16v, the original CLIO Cup’s technical data sheet was the stuff of dreams. The R5 Turbo served a dual purpose: promote sales of the regular R5 and also compete in the group 3 and 4 categories of the FIA rally championship. Très populaire et reconnue dans le milieu du sport automobile, cette discipline est presque devenue un passage obligatoire pour tous les … Swaziland By the late 1980s, the team was looking for a new high-class engine partner, eventually teaming up with Renault in 1989. The Renault Laguna BTCC made a slow start but Menu eventually had a breakthrough race at Thruxton, taking pole position and fastest lap, before going on to win seven of the last nine races of the 1995 season. fans. It’s really great to give R.S. Victoires en Formule Renault Eurocup, 12 Rue André Citroën Road-approved racing harnesses (a first for a road car) added to the businesslike feel, and air-conditioning was an optional extra to reduce weight. With an outstanding impressive new generation 1.8-litre turbo engine, producing 300bhp, a 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system and R.S. The Sports Yellow bodywork, prominent side scoop, bulging headlights, and lack of side windows added to the highly distinctive, streamlined look of the car. He called on (...), Louis Renault’s aim was to associate the Nervasport name with extreme power and aerodynamics – and the rules for construction were simple: take the standard engine from the production line and have the body supported by a wooden frame and a standard chassis. Designed for performance and built for power, the Renault Mégane R.S. A semi-automatic, sequential six-speed gearbox delivers ultra-fast gear changes. The front suspension remained standard, but a Renault Trafic body bottom was grafted to the rear. The opening of the Montlhéry race track in October 1924 changed all that. The first-ever road car with a Renault Sport badge, the Spider had a radical minimalist look. In the same race, it was also the first car to use radial tyres, provided by Michelin, while at the 1979 South African Grand Prix at Kyalami, it became the first turbocharged car to score pole position in an F1TM race – quite literally turning the racing world on its head. High-performance. Georgia With no power steering, ABS or heating, it was perhaps more at home on the track than on the road, a point reinforced by its two bucket seats and prominent roll bar. owners now have access to a large range of parts that will improve their car’s style, performance, and on-track driving pleasure. Switzerland The Mégane R.S. With capacity for four passengers and available in three- or five-door versions, the hatchback supermini with its front engine and front-wheel drive went on to sell more than 5.5m units from 1972-1986. Siblings Claude and Bernard Marreau were born in Nanterre, sons of garage mechanic Robert – and petrol flowed through their veins from an early age. New rules for the 1989 Championship that limited boost pressure to 2 bars were unfavourable for the Renault 21’s turbo engine. Only five results will count towards the final standings. With several hundred thousand units sold since 1991, all four generations of the CLIO Cup have continued that tradition of performance, reliability and (...), Introduced in 2013, the latest version of the Clio Cup – the Renault Clio R.S. May 26, 2020. press release. Daniel Ricciardo enters his second season as a Renault DP World F1 Team driver. Riolfo called on four technicians from la Régie who were selected for their qualities as drivers – Roger Quatresous, Léo Fromentin, André Wagner and Georges Berthelon – to help turn the Renault Nervasport Records into a true record-breaker. Competition success was not long in coming, with both the Group A and N versions helping Renault secure the Manufacturers’ title in the 1993 French Rally Championship. The Spider’s doors are one of its most recognizable features, opening vertically in "beetle-wing" style and having no handles. Having added everything they could to speed the car up, Renault Sports’ engineers also took away everything that might slow the car down, from airconditioning to sound insulation. Estonia Nepal Thanks to our multiple features you can find exclusive news, organise and join R.S. Renault 40 CV; Renault Nervasport des Records; Renault 8 Gordini; Renault 17 Groupe 5; Renault R.S.01; Renault 20 Dakar; Renault 5 Maxi Turbo; Renault 21 4x4; Williams Renault FW14; Renault Clio Williams; Renault Spider; Renault Laguna BTCC; Renault R25; Renault Mégane R26.R; Mégane R.S. The Trophy-R branded F1-type front blade, chequered flag on the front doors and other graphics added to the sporty looks, set off by 19-inch black or red Speedline wheel rims. Timor With a 160hp centrally mounted engine and rear-wheel drive, it was a long way from its (...). Track-day fans could also add a lithium-ion battery to trim another 16kg off the overall weight and vital seconds off lap times. You may also have your information corrected or erased. Bolivia ... Renault, Dacia and Alpine win awards at 2020 What... January 2, 2020. press release. Rally Islas Canarias (10-12 March) -- Palestine The engine was now a four-cylinder 1100cc engine with a new cylinder head and twin Solex carburettors producing 80hp at 6500rpm and a top speed of 170km/hr, remarkable for its time. Belgium More than 700 of the first CLIO Cup were produced and raced in a dozen national championships. A Bosch D-Jetronic electronic fuel injection system was another innovation and the result delivered more than (...), As important as the extra power was a strict diet for the bodywork. A pioneer in the one-make series field with more than fifty years of experience, Renault Sport Racing’s know-how and expertise benefit the professional and gentlemen drivers alike through a modern, competitive and accessible product from 2020: the fifth generation of New Clio Cup! The car was fitted with power assisted steering, a highly innovative twin braking system, and ZF limited slip final drive. REMARQUE: Ces paramètres ne s’appliqueront qu’au navigateur et l’appareil que vous utilisez actuellement. Louis Renault charged Robert Plessier, who worked in the testing shop, with breaking records and Plessier chose American J.A. São Tomé and Príncipe sales. Menu won 12, with the novice Plato winning the first three poles and then the last race of the season, a taste of what was to come from the future champion. Benin Ever since the Gordini Cup, Renault has maintained a consistent presence on racetracks throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The car immediately broke the 24-hour record, covering 3,384.74 km at an average speed of 141.03kph. Tested under the most extreme conditions, and with onboard telemetry to monitor every detail, it brings motorsport efficiency and reliability to the road. We bring you all the ins and outs of the sport, 24/7, everything from up-to-the-minute news and features to the latest viral stories and clips. Mali Much of this was also achieved by the revolutionary use of many aluminium parts. Unpractical. The Renault Sport-etched 350/28-diameter steel and aluminium discs were ideally adapted to intensive circuit use, bringing more confidence and a sharper bite when needed. Alpine F1® Team enters Formula 1. Croatia Jordan events and even sell or buy R.S. Vous pouvez modifier vos paramètres à tout moment. About GPFans GPFans is a multi-platform, multi-language brand dedicated to Formula One coverage. Find out which Formula 1 driver is top of the FIA Formula 1 Drivers Championship on BBC Sport. 07/12 at 22:45. Jobs Formula One(Enstone) Championnat de France Formule Renault 1981 standings Championship points standings for the Championnat de France Formule Renault 1981. Bulgaria Si l’écurie officielle Renault a finalement échoué dans sa quête de podium final en Formule 1, la formation au losange peut se consoler grâce à Mclaren. Unveiled in June 1962, the Renault 8 was the successor to the popular Renault Dauphine, using the same rear-mounted 956cc engine delivering 48 hp. The R25 was the winning Formula One™ car built by Renault for the 2005 season. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1570701821262-0');}); … Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic With a five-speed gearbox, it developed 88hp at 6500 rpm and a resulting top speed of 175 km/h. Korea North Le Club by Renault Sport Williams Renault won both the BTCC Constructor and Team titles in only their fourth year of (...). (...), The Renault E-TECH hybrid technology is the smart combination of an specifically adapted 1.6L naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine and 2 electric motors to propose the best efficiency thanks to a clutchless gearbox inspired by Renault DP World F1® Team expertise. The four-cylinder, 1998 cc engine and six-speed gearbox were reliable and the performance and affordability of the car allowed generations of drivers to develop their track skills. In France, it sold out the same day it was released (July 1, 2014) at a tax-paid price of €45,000. The Williams name promised to bring a real performance edge to the ongoing battle of the “hot hatches”. Equatorial Guinea Ivory Coast Sporting a new two-tone colour scheme, an Etoilé Black roof matched with an Pearlescent White finish, the Mégane R.S. Along the way it etched its name in sporting history and helped make the words ’Renault’ and ’racing’ synonymous the world over. When Simca closed its racing department in 1956, he moved to Renault and the result was a match made in heaven. -- Line versions. Run without any emission and fuel consumption when commuting to work or getting into the city after a long distance trip. Line label is born. Hoy had a more mixed year but the Williams Renault team still finished as winners of the Constructor’s title, with a clear lead over all their rivals. Browse through 2020 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP results, statistics, rankings and championship standings. The full results and key statistics for every Formula E race across all seasons. A characteristic feature of the first 3,800 cars produced was a dashboard-mounted serial number plate which made them collectors’ pieces from the moment of launch. Legacy, class, style and performance. This 16-valve turbocharged powerplant develops 230bhp and a torque of 310 Nm, with 90% of the maximum torque available between 2000 and 6000 rpm. TROPHY-R has been designed with aerodynamic and technical efficiency in mind, underpinned by a total focus on improving performance. Liechtenstein Nauru Latvia 23 Bd Albert 1er, Monaco. With the team’s fuel stops now also being completed in record time, two world records were broken in quick succession. Other alternatives are Glacier White, Etoilé Black and Cassiopée Grey. In 1978, an uncompromisingly sports-orientated Turbo 5 version was released. Belarus After finishing fifth in the 1990 championships, the Briton was on the verge of retirement before Frank Williams convinced him of the potential of the team’s new partnership with Renault. Renault Sport Cars With a kerb weight of 1055 kg, it boasted a maximum speed of 179 km/h from its 108bhp at 6000rpm. Over the course of the season, 15 poles and 10 victories (including six 1-2s) were recorded. 01 bore little relation to the car that debuted at Silverstone. Rally Ourense (17-18 June) A second small fuel tank at the front also helped balance the handling in the 1966 model, toggled by a small tap between the front seats. : +34 91 374 10 23 fans? Unveiled as a concept car at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show, the new Renault Spider made a huge impact. Rally Friuli Venezia Giulia (26-28 August) Over the coming days it became clear that the Desert Foxes’ now long-standing knowledge of racing in Africa and their Renault 20 was giving them an advantage. The Renault Sport Academy was launched by Renault Sport Racing and Renault Sport Formula One Team in February 2016, tasked with continuing Renault’s rich heritage of developing young driver talent, with the aspiration of finding future Renault F1 Team World Champions. Owners also appreciated the plaque displaying its number in the limited-edition run. Preuve de la renommée et de la formation acquise dans ce championnat, Alain Prost, Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton ou encore Daniel Ricciardo ont fait leurs gammes en Formule Renault. More informations on FacebookCalendar By race four in Monaco, things started to come together, however, with Mansell finishing second, while in race six, the team scored a 1-2 with Patrese victorious and Mansell in second place. It had an even lighter aluminium chassis, with a weight of 850 kg, a six-speed gearbox and its engine produced 180 hp and a top speed of 251 km/h. The car was still competitive in the 1970 Monte Carlo Rally and it took the likes of the Porsche 911s, which had more than twice its horsepower, to beat (...). A brilliant drive from Max Verstappen beat the Mercedes duo to win the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix for Red Bull Racing. The Renault 17 was released at the Paris Motor Show in October 1971. Yes Those three words define Le Club. With no any attempt at comfort, the prototype focussed on thrills and pure driving pleasure. Nicaragua Philippe Renault: Ecurie Elf: Martini MK33 (Renault) 164. The foundation was a design tested by both computerised fluid dynamics and a wind tunnel to ensure the front-rear balance was optimal and that aerodynamic drag was minimised from the very beginning. Malta Monitor onboard data-logging system records performance and displays a range of mechanical parameters in real-time. Rally Di Roma Capital (23-25 september) Somaliland Having won the World Rally Championship in 1973 with the amazing RWD, rear-engined Renault-Alpine 110, it was a bold move by Renault to develop a high-performance version of the R17 TS. Guyana Time-consuming. “The Renault 8 Gordini must allow a whole clientele of enthusiasts and sports driving enthusiasts to satisfy their passion without having to invest more than the price of a mass-produced car.”, The R8’s chassis was stiffened with improvements to the front crossbar and rear engine support, and reinforced front suspension wishbones. Formula One Guatemala Guinea Indonesia Early models even did away with the front windscreen, with drivers in the aeroscreen version wearing a helmet instead. He secured ninth position in the 2019 Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship. At the height of its success in Formula One™ with the V10 engines, Renault took the bold step of designing an uncompromising sports car. With only 350 R26.R ever built, any owner is in exclusive company. The TC4, celebrating the technical partnership between R.S. Egypt Découvrez le classement final du Grand Prix de Bahreïn de F1. Maldives The skin was made of hammered (...). A real TCR replica suitable for all track days and which a few lucky customers will be able to have built by the Swiss team. Serbia When Renault then streamlined the 40CV in (...), Before 1924, French manufacturers were hampered by most world record attempts being held outside France on speed rings at Brooklands (Great Britain), Indianapolis (United States) and Monza (Italy). has motorsport in its DNA. A plan was hatched for an attempt at the 1988 championship (...), The production Renault 21 featured engines that ranged from a 1.4L 8V producing a top speed of 165 km/h to a 2.2L 8V that maxed out at 192 km/h. Fiji EVENTS NEAR YOU, MARKETPLACE: THE R.S. fans and where debates around fascinating topics are taking place. dacia. The team saw a maiden F1TM win when Clay Regazzoni took the 1979 British GP, followed by Alan Jones winning the World Championship in 1980. When Adrian Newey joined Head in the design office in mid-1990, the combination of the pair’s expertise and Renault’s (...), Nigel Mansell had success with Williams-Honda in the mid-1980s, finishing narrowly second to Alain Prost in the 1986 championship before going on to become the last driver personally selected by Enzo Ferrari to join the Italian team in 1988. Ethiopia Depuis 1971, la Formule Renault Eurocup, championnat de Formule 3, fait partie de la pyramide menant à la Formule 1. From 1986 to 1994, one of Renault’s most popular models was the Renault 21, a large family car that sold more than 2million units across different badges in different markets and in two key body shapes: saloon and estate. It was the largest six-cylinder engine in the company’s history. cars to or from other R.S. Hamilton personnalité sportive britannique de l'année pour le public de la BBC 20 déc. The 2019 Formula Renault Eurocup is a multi-event motor racing championship for open wheel, formula racing cars held across Europe. Renault already had some commercial success with the 40CV, production of which began in 1911, However, it was the replacement of the older six-cylinder 7.5-litre engine with a larger 9.1-litre version in the Type HD Version of 1920 that really made a difference, followed by the addition in 1922 of a hydraulic servo-brake system. 275 Trophy-R was a two-seater derivative of the latest Mégane R.S. New Zealand Formule 1 : Alain Prost se réjouit des résultats de Renault ! The Alpine Competition Factory modified a 1795cc engine with two twin-choke Webers, a hot cam, an 11.5 compression ratio, big valves and tuned extractor exhaust system. Wolff on Russell: A star is born and sky's the limit. With its innovative options, E-TECH hybrid technology puts Renault firmly in the driving seat during the ongoing transition to the vehicle of the future. Kuwait It still had its fans, however, including such drivers as Hungarian Rally Champion Attila Ferjáncz, who won his national championship in the Renault in both 1976 and 1977. : +41 798 322 392 Ecuador Key to the success of the R25 was its reliability and its RS25 V10 three-litre engine, paired with a new on-board electronic system. You may ask for receiving a copy of your information in a structured and standard format.To exercise any of these rights, you may contact us, providing a proof of your identity, by email at and by post at Renault SAS, Legal Department – Data Protection, 13/15 quai le Gallo 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France.For more information, please follow this link Personal Data, E-TECH Plug- in Hybrid - Technology Explained, A NEW DRIVING EXPERIENCE FOR MORE PLEASURE AND EFFICIENCY, Stay up to date with the latest Renault Sport Team Vitality news, EVENTS: FIND THE BEST R.S. Based on the Alpine series, with every car hand-built in Alpine’s Dieppe factory, the Renault Spider’s chassis was made of aluminium and its body of plastic composite, bringing its weight down to only 930 kg. C’est ce qui explique, pour une part, la première place du Cheval cabré dans ce classement, qui tient, pour une autre, à l’excellence de ses motorisations. The exhaust emerged spectacularly from the front bonnet and ran along the windscreen and then the roof. Race reports, results and technical features from the grid. In 1965, the R8 Gordini even beat a works Alpine A110, and in 1967 it won the San Remo in Italy. You can list your requirement for a car on Le Club’s marketplace or, if you’re an owner, add your well-cared-for R.S. Ghana With E-TECH innovative hybrid technology, both electric and gasoline power units are optimised to deliver the best balance between performance and fuel efficiency. alpine. Daniel has an impressive Formula 1 resume, having seven wins, 29 podiums and three pole positions to his name. Central African Republic When launched at the 1977 British Grand Prix, the Renault R.S 01 became the first turbocharged car to race in a Formula OneTM race – but that was not its only ‘first’. model cars and their drivers and you get the R.S. Moldova That may not seem much today, but in 1926 the engine of the average vehicle on the road made less than 50hp – little wonder then that the 40CV was such a success. With a weight of just 1,232 kg, it had a power-to-weight ratio of 5.3kg/hp, running on optional Toyo R888 semi-slick tyres and braked by custom Brembo 4-piston calipers at the front end. Renault termine cinquième du Championnat constructeurs, avec 181 points. However it was the 1997 season that was to put the Renault Laguna into the record books. Tunisia Iran Website and Social Networks Mr. Guglielmo Giacomello Jamaica Take more than 120 years of Renault motor racing experience, including four decades at the sharp end of Formula 1®, and distil it into a set of accessories, parts and apparel for R.S. It was tedious. The changes added reliability to the car’s advanced technology and Mansell took pole position and first place in the first five Grand Prix of the (...), When the RS4 engine replaced the RS3 at the Hungarian Grand Prix (race 11 of 16), the team were unstoppable. Tous les résultats seront retenus pour le classement général final. The latest Formula 1 News from the 2020 Formula 1 Season. Vatican His journey to Formula 1 included four years (...). Gambia The bodywork, however, was to be something else and required input from another sector. Sierra Leone 200 EDC – boasts a 1.6-litre direct injection turbo engine that develops 220 hp and constant torque of 270Nm. In March 1991, soon after the original Clio had won European Car of The Year the previous year, Renault produced a sports version of the model. Tonga Mauritania Oman The pairing of ‘Jeannot’ and the Renault 21 Superproduction soon proved to be a match made in heaven. Another option was the four-point roll bar, designed to meet any track safety requirements. Albania Dernière au classement des constructeurs, l'écurie Williams repartira avec le même duo de pilotes en 2021: le jeune... 30/10 - 15h44 F1: Alonso fera des essais avec Renault la semaine prochaine Motorsport. Brunei Based on Mégane R.S., the TC4 adopts a full body kit that greatly improves aerodynamics, a more powerful engine reaching 360 bhp thanks to full electronic (...), The TC4 was developed to provide purists with all the adrenaline and speed they could wish for, allowing them to achieve an impressive level of performance on the track during their riding sessions (it is not road approved). This platform is dedicated to our passionate drivers, amateurs as well as more experienced, looking for high performance parts for our Renault Sport racing cars: Formula Renault Eurocup, Clio Cup and Clio R3T ! Slovakia Incredibly powerful brakes, solid chassis and sophisticated on-board electronics can be adjusted to suit any driver’s individual (...). Renault had gained its first F1TM points and the turbo era of F1TM racing had (...). Mov. 265 Trophy; Mégane R.S. Design focus has been on driving pleasure on the road, and speed with control on the race circuit. The Trophy version was developed specifically for racing, aimed at a new one-car series. Kosovo Slovenia As a result, the team made a number of modifications to the car, resulting in an entirely different model to the previous year’s, with a longitudinal engine configuration closer to that of the original production car. 85 200 Fontenay-le-Comte, Ce site utilise des cookies fonctionnels et des scripts externes pour améliorer votre expérience. This racing DNA was to continue into the 1966 model, whose major (...), A press release of 1964 made the aim of Renault CEO Pierre Dreyfus very clear in developing the new car: The 2015 Mégane R.S. With a few clicks you can join an existing event or create one yourself and with our Google maps feature your attendees (...), Do you want to sell your R.S. Lightening of doors, boot and bonnet with fibreglass panels, plastic windows and stripping the interior brought the R17’s weight down by more than 25 percent, to just 820kg. East Timor Trophy marked the introduction of a new Sirius Yellow finish, a metallic paint immediately recognisable to Renault Sport fans for its association with the company’s racing heritage. The Nordschleife record was a first for Renault Sport and the 8:17.54 time obliterated the previous mark by 9 seconds. Luckily this is now over. Nigeria Macedonia Mozambique The first Clio Trophy France championship winner will be offered an official rally sports program in 2021. The 1991 drivers’ championship was won by Ayrton Senna in the McLaren MP4/6, but (...), For the 1992 season, Williams-Renault debuted the FW14B. Now is your chance. Departure from Place de la Concorde saw 382 participant vehicles set off in an atmosphere of fun and fanfare. On the road, and especially on the track, it gives drivers reassuring feedback of every aspect of the car’s performance. Performance collection: an e-shop dedicated to fans of the Double Diamond brand, its cars and the Renault universe as a whole. The New R.S. Turkmenistan -- Cela signifierait la fin de la Formule Renault Eurocup après 28 ans d'existence. Sweden Sri Lanka E-TECH technology is offered with 2 options depending on the models : E-TECH Hybrid with self-charging technology (already available on CLIO and soon New ARKANA, E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid with extended electric driving for longer journeys (already available on New CAPTUR and New MEGANE Estate and coming soon on New (...), Clio R.S.Line By the early 1970s, the new Renault Gordini division had teamed up with oil group Elf to develop a research programme to produce a high-performance engine. 2.0 – available only in the Latin American market – is a true sports car, developed specifically for Latin American customers and designed to be equally at home on the road or on the track. Trophy builds on the success of its predecessor, a challenge as well as an inspiration. Canada community is now easier than ever. Laurent Hurgon tore around the Nürburgring in a new time of 7:54.36s, shaving a massive 14 seconds off the record for FWD production vehicles. Saint Lucia standing proud of the boot lid was employed to help reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. Korea South : +39 335 607 4485 Line. Rally Targa Florio (6-8 May) Formule Renault Classic. The seats came with a three-point seat belt, with a six-point racing harness available as an option. This created a total motoring environment for the driver, where the unique blast of the Akrapovič exhaust or squeal from the Michelin tyres became part of the soundtrack.